InfiniMote - PC remote

All your PC controlling solutions in one android app. InfiniMote lets YOU decide how you control your PC. How to get started: Visit our website at: http://infinimote. wixsite.com/home/get-started and follow the instructions. So what makes InfiniMote so awesome? With InfiniMote you can create and customize your own remote panels to best suit your needs: add controllers of different types and customize their appearance, position and functionality. This way, you can build a remote for whatever you want: media player, online game, gallery etc'. The possibilities truly are INFINITE. We provide 6 default useful remotes to inspire your creativity. With InfiniMote you can control the same computer from multiple phones simultaneously. This is perfect for playing multi-user online games. Features: Create and customize an infinite number of remotes. 6 default preinstalled remote panels for your own use and inspiration. Automatic network scan to find your computer easily. Excellent performance: zero lag. Many types of customizable controllers: buttons, touchpads, movement sensors, mouse and keys joysticks. Control your computer from multiple devices simultaneously. Define programs or links on your computer which can be quickly opened from your phone. Write text on your computer with your phone's favorite keyboard. Utilize your phone's physical buttons to control your computer. Share your custom remote panels with your friends. Currently supports NFC. Beautiful User interface designed by Google's material design guide lines. Safe and secure phone-computer connection. Custom main theme, panels theme and controller colors. 2 Full screen modes to control your computer. Useful computer information to be watched from your phone. Drag and drop technology for customizing your remote panels. Drag and sort technology for organizing your remote panels list. Our website: http://infinimote. wixsite.com/homeWhat's on our website: how to get started, PC server program download, frequently asked questions, our main features and more explanations. Our email: infinimote. info@gmail.comYou may contact our support team anytime. We welcome ideas and improvement suggestions. Why do we need those permissions? # Read, change and delete the usb storage - to save, load and delete all of your customize remote panels. # Control Near Field Communication (NFC) - to share panels with your friends. # Full network access - to connect to your computer.
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