Sun Locator AR Lite

Sun Locator predicts the sun's position at a specific location during the course of a day. This is useful for real estate, architecture, photographing/filming (lighting conditions), outdoor activities (e. g. setting up camp), solar panel positioning, gardening, and more. The Augmented Reality View displays the Sun's position directly overlaid on your device's camera. Use the slider to set the time of day and directly track the solar movement. The Map View displays the Sun's location, direction and shadow on a map to help you plan your activities. Photography: when and where will the sun rise and set? When is the Blue hour and the golden hour? Real estate: does a neighboring building obstruct the sun? Architecture: does the sun shine through your window? Camping: will the sun shine on your tent? Hiking: when does dawn start and dusk end? Gardening: do your plants get enough direct sunlight during the course of the day? -Use your current GPS location or choose any location on a map-Use the current time or choose any time of day-Get data about sunrise/sunset times, twilight (dusk/dawn), photography times (blue and golden hour) -View the sun's position at the chosen location and time overlaid on your device's camera-Track the sun's position by using the slider to set a time of dayThe Lite version is free and limited to information for the current day. The Pro version enables you to get information for any day of the year. https://play. id=com. genewarrior. sunlocator. proNOTE: the AR feature relies on your device's internal compass. Calibrate your compass regularly to make sure the displayed solar position is accurate.
Operating System Android