Tile Extension for Nougat

Dev noteAmbient display toggle, NFC toggle, Deverloper options toggle are unavailable without root access. I think it needs time or impossible in this app. Sorry: (Tile list: Favorite app launcher. 3- Camera- Video recorder- Sync On/Off toggle- Settings shortcut- Adaptive brightness On/Off toggle- Ringer mode toggle (normal - vibrate - silent) - Volume preset (Paid). If you want to reset a favorite app, Settings shortcut or etc. , please re-add the tile on panel. This is not a launchable application. Just add tiles and launch your existing application. Please help translating this app to your native language. https://goo. gl/forms/CtJUewXeXZZL1jLG3. Send me an Email or leave a comment if you have any problem, questions or suggestions (Any tiles you want). Let's make this app together.
Operating System Android