iFlash - Flash Alerts Call SMS

Flash Alerts on Call 2, SMS, Facebook messenger, Viber, Line, Instagram and all app in your phoneThis Application will use your flash camera to make blinking signals while your device is ringing, new notification message is received. A very useful and handy application for those who are always busy work in hospitals or meeting or in silent zones. Notification for all App. All app is supported. You can select app to enable flash alerts. Applications Flash Alerts on Call - SMS Apps and all application: Blinking led flash alerts on SMS. Blinking led flash alerts on Call, ringing flashlight. Application help you do not miss any Call, SMS and notification of all apps in you phone. Ringing flash light when your phone have incoming Call and incoming SMS. Alerts led flash on Facebook messenger when have incoming sms, notifications. Blinking can be disabled with just a tap on screen.
Operating System Android