Phone Cooler CPU Heat Cooling

Phone cooler master- CPU heat cooling or minimizer is a temperature monitoring and controlling app that reduce your CPU usage and cool down phone. This device cooler overcomes the common heating problem of android phones, lower down CPU temperature and cooling device your overheating phone. CPU cooler master helps to detect temperature and control the extra usage of Apps that produces heat and makes your phone slow. Close the heavy resources to reduce CPU usage and lower down temperature. Enhance overall performance of your device, cooling android cool down phone and keep your device performance optimum with cooler master app cool down phone. Device cooler for android phone works for you in a perfect manner, Clean your cache memory, free up RAM, Boost your memory provide Real-time temperature monitoring and protection with graphic view, optimize its speed, overheat prevention and cooling android phone. Master Cooler feature of this smart android cooler is lower down temperature Smartphone's ultimate cooling Solution Phone Cooler - CPU Heat Cooling functions exactly as the names goes. It cleans up battery hogging applications, frees up RAM during tedious tasks, manages tasks according to memory consumption to minimize, cooling CPU, cool down battery temperature and retain system cooling, enabling devices to perform at an optimal rate for a longer time. The smart cooling and heat minimization algorithm is highly effective in increasing battery life for devices in heavy usage, and better performance in multimedia and game usage. Phone Cooler also help to cool down your device ram. Now multi task with ease and comfort, without having to worry about device heat and cooling functions. Keep your device performance optimum with Device Heat Minimize Phone Cooler. Features - Smart CPU, GPU and RAM controls according to device cooling needs- Graphical representation of real time temperature monitoring- Optimize performance with the ease of one tap- Get categorized analysis of heat producing apps and multi task processes to remove unnecessary ones- Help section tells you the reason or overheating, firing, cooling feature- Best look with good animations- Monitor memory hogging apps and restrict Ram usage when delivering heavy duty functions from device.
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