CPU Cooler Master-Phone Cooler

Phone cooler master pro & CPU cool master free app for android phones to cool down your phoneCPU cooler master for android is a temperature monitoring and controlling app that reduce your CPU usage and lower down phone temperatureCooler master prevent CPU over heating during multitasking and cool your phone. Its like a CPU booster, clean master, mobile cooler, temperature cooler, CPU cooling for android, Device cooler pro. CPU cooler master is available for tablets. All its features are freeMore seriously, though, continued prolonged periods of overheating may lead to potential security problems. so Real-time device temperature monitoring and Just touch screen to lower the CPU temperatureDevice cooler for android in other word cool master cooling android phone, CPU cooler, phone cooler or Device cooler. Its heat minimization algorithm is very effective to reduce CPU usage which ensures long battery life. Extra feature is solve battery problems with battery saver mode and and extend your battery life with phone cooler. so we can say that this app works as a battery cooler of batter power saver. Features: Real-Time Device Temperature MonitoringMonitors and logs phone temperature in real time, and displays temperature change curves. Dynamic Overheating App DetectionAnalyzes CPU usage dynamically, and detects applications that are over using CPU to determine the cause for phone over heating. One Tap to Cool DownAllow you to close overheating apps with one simple tap to reduce CPU usage and cool down your phone. Overheating Prevention and ProtectionCloses apps that are likely to cause overheating, and prevents the phone temperature from rising. Ignore List addedApps added in ignore list to prevent from cooler process.
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