This is an unofficial calculator for Pokemon Go to calculate the hidden stats (IVs) of your Pokemon. Not all Pokemon of the same species are created equal - how do you know which of the 100s you've caught are worth investing your hard earned candies and Stardust in? This app works backwards from the visible stats (HP/CP/Stardust or arc) and finds the possible combinations of hidden stats which will produce them. Appraisals now supported too. NO NETWORK REQUIRED. does NOT need your Pokemon Go login or read any network traffic, no risk of bans. Features: Standard and Overlay modes, and batch Screenshot processing- You can scan multiple screenshots at a time, text recognition will calculate everything automatically and you'll get a sortable result list - great way to screen many Pokemon at a go. Overlay mode offers a convenient draggable/closeable floating button to toggle it, and helps determine the exact level from the CP arc. Also conveniently displays IV% as you go so you can do everything from one screen- Overlay mode automatically resizes to match the arc in game, or can be manually adjusted in settings- Calculates your possible stat combinations and shows your Pokemon's perfection level (IV%/CP%) - Save and store an unlimited amount of calculations. If you power up/evolve and store the calculations together, the overlapping combinations will be automatically found to narrow down the IV%/CP% range for greater accuracy. Nickname your saved Pokemon to easily tell them apart- Tutorial to answer your questionsPS: There may be some lag the very first time the overlay is ever opened, but it should not happen again after that. Coming next: Movesets/tier lists/more Pokemon info. DISCLAIMER. This is an unofficial fan guide, and is neither created nor endorsed by the game creators. All Pokemon-related content is trademark and copyright of Nintendo.
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