File Explorer Go

Manage your files efficiently, access hidden files from the phone memory and SD card. Manage folders and files in a simple way, duplicating, deleting, copying. Transfer files or folders between units, including connected via usb, nas, etc. Change file name and folders. Removes space occupied by files and folders that have been uninstalled. You know that most of the programs that uninstall the phone, leave residues in the form of folders and files that are useless for the system, but which take up space and slow mobile. Now you can access them in a simple way, and delete them. Access the apk of installed programs, and back in the backup folder specially designed for it. You can also share the program with friends and family. Or make a backup outside the phone. Go to File Explorer, you can view photos and videos. Displays installed programs and checks how many resources occupy space, memory. At a glance, you can see the free space on your phone and memory card. Translated into more than 70 languages. Compress and decompress files. Cut and paste files and folders. Send and share files and folders. multimedia access and playback of multimedia files. Send files via Bluetooth. Properties dialog. Search by words. Support for the main functions Root. List of installed applications, install and uninstall applications. All these and many more features that make this File Explorer one of the most complete that can not miss on your phone. Simple and fast, it is the tool that can not miss on your phone to manage it completely.
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