25 Pair Color Code

2Click PIC is a compact, easy to use, 25 pair expanding telecom color code pair chart. With this app; searching for a pair by color code, sheath location or cable pair can be done in as little as 2 clicks from the one screen.Check it out risk freeIf you're not satisfied with my app Google Play let's you refund your purchase of this app 1 time. Simply return to this listing and select the refund button within 2 hours of install.App now includes 2 additional (3 total) cable color codes. The standard 25 pair color code is generally used on cables of 900 pair or less (backyard, crossboxes & underground). Duct PIC 100 is usually reserved for cable sizes of 1200 to 3000 pair (underground & crossboxes) and 300 pair Duct PIC are used on cables sized from 3600 to 4200 pair (underground). The Duct PIC color codes are useful with paper and pulp cables too.Locate color codes with or without cable counts using the 'Find a Pair' option. Click the Search icon and enter a Sheath Pair # without a cable count or enter a 'Cable,Pair' if using a cable count (app auto detects if there is a cable count or not) . The app will then place index pointers at the pairs found locations and place the searched for pairs 25 pair color code in a bar at the top of the screen.Cable Count~While not necessary to use in the app. You can enter a full complex cable count that can be broke down into the selected cable type groups of 25 at the Count Input screen or select the 'Color Code' button to have your complex cable count placed in the easy to use click to expand activity where you can locate the Super Binder, Group and Sheath / Cable Pair identification and color code on cables of up to 6000 pair.
Version2.9 (A8.1.0)
Operating System Android