ThermoVisual Motion Detector

ThermoVisual Motion Detector (TVMD) is an intelligent, easy to use application that detects thermal and/or visual motion or changes automatically by using FLIR ONE infrared camera. It operates in day & night. When you run ThermoVisual Motion Detector, you can observe any motion and/or changes in your FLIR ONE field of view on your screen. In addition, you can set alarm sound, automatic phone call or SMS in case of alarm. 1) ThermoVisual Motion Detector automatically detects any motion/change thermal, visual or both and plots them on your device screen. 2) ThermoVisual Motion Detector draws motion icon on the screen when a change is detected. 3) ThermoVisual Motion Detector sketched motion history on the device screen. Therefore, you can have information about the complete route of a target. Besides, you can see motion towards you or away from you. 4) The main problem with the motion detection applications is the shaking of the devices during the observation. Shaking devices yield false alarms. ThermoVisual Motion Detector application has specially designed algorithm to minimize this drawback. The app automatically stops motion detection in case of device vibration. 5) User can change options for alarm speaker, motion display or motion history display. 6) User can optionally save image frames causing alarm. User can display these recorded pictures any time. 7) ThermoVisual Motion Detector enables you to set two types of alarms: a) Instant Alarm: The app raises instant alarm and displays alarm icon in case amount of change detected exceeds the threshold set by user. The app plays alarm sound with the volume level proportional to the amount of motion detected. b) Continuous Alarm: The app raises alarm sound and displays alarm icon in case amount of motion detected exceeds the threshold for a specified time period both set by user. Alarm state goes until terminated by user. How to use: 1) Fix your device by facing your FLIR ONE camera looking to the area you want to track. 2) Start ThermoVisual Motion Detector application. 3) After 10 secs countdown detection starts. Options: Sensor: Three types of change detection; thermal, visual or both. Thermal Threshold: Accuracy adjustment for thermal and/or visual change. Visual Threshold: Threshold for intensity difference. Smaller values yield more sensitive detection but may cause noise and excess detection. Block size (%) : Adjusts spatial accuracy. Smaller values yield more sensitive detection but may cause noise and excess detection. Alarm Type: Instant Alarm or Continuous Alarm. Area To Trigger: Spatial amount of motion to make the app to generate alarm. Time To Trigger: Continuous motion time period required to generate alarm. Alarm Sound: Enable alarm sound or mute. Call Phone on Alarm: Calls selected phone number in case of alarm. (only valid in Continuous Mode) - Send SMS on Alarm: Sends text message to selected phone number in case of alarm. (only valid in Continuous Mode) - Save Picture on Alarm- Motion Rectangles: Draw rectangular motion frames on the device screen. Motion History: Draw motion history bubbles on the device screen. Shake Sensitivity: Sensitivity level for device shaking. ThermoVisual Motion Detectorstops motion detection in case of device shaking, therefore, prevents false alarms. User can select High, Medium or Low sensitivity.
Operating System Android