Super Scales Pro Digital

Simply the best genuine digital scales app for Android. Unlike some free and paid scales apps that only give you fake or made up reading Super Scales actually is the genuine thing and allows you to weigh small objects using just your smartphone. You dont really need any other equipment or device (except something to balance on). The only tool you will need for accurate weight readings. In this Pro version the measurements you can achieve can be as accurate as a real digital scales. Please leave a comment and rate the app, or just rate the app. It will take you just 1 minute of your time or less but it helps us a great deal. The free lite version can not be calibrated. It can only be used with the the default calibration so the results will not be as accurate, so please do not complain about this. Once you have tried the free version and find that it works with your sensors and phone then upgrade to the Pro version for accurate readings. You can use any object of known weight for calibration like a 20 pence coin (6 Grams)Features:Memory so you can store your weight readings (up to 4 measurements at present) with comments. Full weight conversion feature - Access this from the Help section.comes with a video tutorial, full instructions and is customizable. Super Scales Pro Features:Choose from 4 different units (MG, Grams, ounces and pounds (lb))Calibrate as many times as you want. Choose which sensor to use for measurements. Choose number of decimal places to display weight. Set your calibration weight. Convert weights. Switch off all ads. In app full detailed video "How To" tutorial, shows you how to use the app. Things you can balance your phone on:Big closed bubble air bag. Large packet of crisps. A PC Mouse. A big Coke bottle on its side (but secured to stop it rolling). A football, basketball etc. Attach a large spring to the underside of your phone and place on flat surface. Notes:The video tutorial is used under license from the uploader/publisher. We do not guarantee the accuracy of results, as it is dependent on your phone, whether your sensors are calibrated correctly and how you balance your phone. Also it is better to use a calibration weight close to the weight of the objects you will be weighing.
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Version 1
Operating System Android
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