***Please update to the new TRENDnet IPView app for your latest TRENDnet cameras. Compatible camera models are listed under the app page***The TRENDnetVIEW app brings live video from TRENDnet cameras to your mobile device. The app auto-detects TRENDnet cameras on your local network. See a thumbnail of all of your connected cameras, with a large live view of a single camera. Pinch the viewing field to digitally zoom in and out. Pan and tilt PTZ cameras in real time. A convenient snapshot button stores an image to your mobile device. Hear audio from cameras with a built in microphone.NOTE: TRENDnet CLOUD cameras (TV-IP751xx / TV-IP851xx / TV-IP762IC / TV-IP862IC / TV-IP743SIC / TV-IP745SIC) work with TRENDnets' CloudView appCompatible TRENDnet Cameras:TV-IP110, TV-IP110W, TV-IP110WNTV-IP121W, TV-IP121WNTV-IP252PTV-IP262P, TV-IP262PITV-IP302PITV-IP310PI, TV-IP311PITV-IP312WNTV-IP312PITV-IP320PI, TV-IP321PITV-IP322PTV-IP342PI, TV-IP343PITV-IP410, TV-IP410W, TV-IP410WNTV-IP422, TV-IP422W, TV-IP422WNTV-IP430PITV-IP450P, TV-IP450PITV-IP501P, TV-IP501WTV-IP512PTV-IP512WNTV-IP522PTV-IP551W, TV-IP551WITV-IP562WITV-IP572P, TV-IP572PI, TV-IP572W, TV-IP572WITV-IP612P, TV-IP612WNTV-IP651W, TV-IP651WITV-IP662PI, TV-IP662WITV-IP672P, TV-IP672PI, TV-IP672W, TV-IP672WILatest firmware is needed to be compatible with the app, visit to check your firmware version is up to date.
Operating System Android