With this program you can view the match schedule, save the final score, show both groups and second stage table, build statistics and you can also update the results on-line. MAIN FEATURES: - Complete matches calendar (filterable by stage, group, team) - Graphical visualization of groups and 2�° stage - Online update of the matches results - Support for the conversion of the matches dates and time based on your local timezone and your system format: you can insert directly your timezone difference with the South Africa or you can compute it automatically via Internet, simply by selecting your geographical area. - "Data copy" function enabled into every section of the application (you can "Paste" data directly into a spreedsheet or word processor). The statistics are finally ordered by rank (needs an online uodate!) and are exportable in both text and HTML format. - Proxy support (basic authentication method) Also available for iPhone and iPad in HD.
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