Disable Key is a program allows you to disable any key on your keyboard. It provides three different modes to disable key: program schedule and always. In program mode, you can select a any application, and the key will automatically disabled when the application is running. Schedule mode allows you to select a start time and stop time. The key will be disabled during this period of time. Always mode disables the key all the time. If you never used a key but keep press on it accidentally, you can select the always mode to disable it. But if you need the key sometimes, you better select schedule mode to disable it . If you only want to disable a key when a program or game is running, you can select program mode to disable it. Have you ever: Keep accidentally hit the windows key while in the middle of playing a game and get you killed mid-game? Keep accidentally hit the Insert key while using a word processor and overwritten your thought? Keep accidentally hit Caps Lock key when you input a password? You don't have to pry the key off from keyboard with a screwdriver.
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.91 MB
Operating System Windows 7 Windows Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows Vista Windows 2003 Windows Server 2008 Windows XP