Good bye beep beep! Hello MP3!!! Have you ever wanted to replace the Palm system alarm sounds with wave, mp3 or ogg (mp3 and ogg requires PocketTunes or AeroPlayer 5.1) files? Ever wanted to wake up and hear your favorite song in the morning? Now you can with KoolAlarms. KoolAlarms allows you to associate any uncompressed wave, mp3 or ogg file to any application. When the application's alarm is triggered, KoolAlarms will play the wave file from the external card and then let the application sound the alarm. KoolAlarms works with all applications with alarms. Now you can have more fun with your Palm and you will never be bored hearing the same old system sound again.
File Size190.43 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 5 and higher
  • Not compatible with Sony Clie OS5 but works with OS5.21.
  • PocketTunes or AeroPlayer 5.1 optional