We're Platinum Lending, a US team of senior experts with experience in financing individuals and small businesses. To complement the online financial services we offer via the multi-national PlatinumCash business, we've released our first Android app to help mobile users calculate loans faster and easier: The Platinum Loan Calculator. Platinum Lending Loan Calculator was created with simplicity in mind and it is focused on offering the easiest solution to calculating the true interest of a loan. With it any user with an Android-powered smartphone can instantly calculate the total interest to pay to the original lender. As you shop around for a loan, you'll have your personal financial assistant in your pocket. Here are some of its most important features: â?¢ The Platinum Loan Calculator allows you to calculate your interest payment automatically and instantly in a single step via a very simple interface with only 3 fields. â?¢ Universal loans. The app can be used to calculate any type of loans, from auto/mortgage to businesses and other types. Just enter the amount you borrowed, the annual interest rate & terms and it will help you see the result fast. â?¢ Online Solutions. The app is connected to the nline services offered via Platinum Lending, so you can quickly access the site to get professional financial help. â?¢ Free. Platinum Loan Calculator is free to install and doesn't have any in-app purchases or advertisements (It just links back to the main PlatinumCash.com website). Anyone at a certain point goes through the process of getting a loan so if you've been there and want to help others with a simple calculator please write a review about it and publish it on your website. If you need any additional information please let us know.
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