Zippy Calculator Free

Zippy Calculator is a convenient calculator for business and shopping. It supports sales tax and percentage discount (% off). It has various elegant color themes, so you can change its skin quickly. Please try this smart calculator. Because app has history of expressions and answers, you can do trial and error for quantity or price rapidly. Using parenthesis expression it makes difficult calculation easier. Percentage calculation available. App can calculate sales tax rate. The result is splitted into expression and tax, and total. You can assign multiple tax rates to tax keys. If you want to calculate different states tax rate, swipe tax key to change. There are about thirty color themes in it, so you can change its skin quickly. App also has color picker for detailed customize. The part of expression and history can be change their text size. If you prefer large text size, change them to display clear. App add expression and answer each time calculation. Reusing or editting expression is easy. Tap history to enter answer into input text area. To copy or edit history, long press or swipe horizontally to left it. There is share history button. Its icon is top direction arrow from box. Tap it to share history to notes, mail, and SNS app.
Operating System iOS