DevCalc Pro

devCalc Pro has the full functionality of the free version, but also includes long waited features like exciting color screens, and Real Engineering Mode. Now you can change the style of the display by just swiping your finger across the screen. devCalc Pro is a calculator app for developers and engineers in mind. As a hybrid scientific and programmer calculator it gives a smooth blend for IT professionals, engineers and scientists as well as university students. devCalc includes all functionalities that a good calculator does and on top of it hundreds of unique ones that are missed from even the best ones. Features includes but not limited to elements like delta percentage calculation to find the difference in between two numbers in percentage. For example you have an old price of a goods of $200 and you wonder how much percentage the deal is when the new price is $160. Type "200" then "d%" then "160" and by tapping on "=" you will get the -20% on the screen. The quick engineering and scientific number input gives you the best methods to enter numbers and calculate with them. For example press "5" then "/" for division, then "3" and "m" as for "5 / 3m" (5 / 3000). Finally press "=" to get the results of "1.67k" (1.666.66...). This is a typical example calculating resistor value for a given voltage and current ( 5V / 3mA = 1.67kOhm). For software developers and IT professionals devCalc gives a seamless conversion in between four number bases and extensive set of binary logic and arithmetic functions. This includes calculations with the carry and other flags. Feature rich capabilities lifts the app to the top level, including but not limited to algebra and trigonometric functions. For this you only need to rotate the iPhone to get the extended keyboard.
Price USD 0.99
License Purchase
Version 1.3
Operating System iOS, iPhone OS 4.x
System Requirements iOS 4.3 or later