Not just another weight conversion tool. IndianGold is focussed at converting some local indian weight units such as ratti, tola, bhori, etc. in addition to standard units. It has a simple convenient user interface which converts to multiple units with press of tab or enter key. All converted units are displayed at once so that user don't have to select a particular output unit; this also helps in comparing units with respect to each other. It supports precision upto 12 decimal places for higher precision. An additional feature constitutes the bottom panel which supports calculation of price of the given weight. The standard market rate can be put to get the price of the required unit. The user interface is intuitive and almost any user can begin using it without help.
File Size41.45 kB
Operating System Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2003 Windows Me Windows Server 2008 Windows NT Windows 98 Windows 2000
System RequirementsJava Runtime Environment