Best CPU Optimizer

Increase your phone Ram and CPU usage by utilizing full access of the mobile processing.if you are tired of overheating of your cell phone because of unnecessary applications running in the back end? Does your phone get slower time to time because of unused applications consuming your memory? Well here is the solution. Advance CPU optimizer is an utility application that is a must for your device. CPU optimizer not only tells you the current CPU temperature of your device but it also keeps you updated with your battery temperature, battery health, ram usage, CPU usage and other useful information regarding your device hardware. Along with that, you can set threshold of your CPU temperature after which, CPU optimizer will automatically kill all the unnecessary apps running in the background and will notify you so that your CPU's temperature will drop back to the safe level. Another notable feature of CPU Optimizer includes turning your screen off automatically if its kept idle for so long in case you forgot to turn it off yourself. So hurry up, download this free application and save your cell phone.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements None