Exclusive Battery Saver is a battery saving app. How would you like to go up to 3 days without charging? With Exclusive Battery Saver you can save your battery life, automatically. Unlike other apps, Exclusive Battery Saver is completely automatic, no pushing a button every fifteen minutes, simply install and start saving your battery. Why install Exclusive Battery Saver? Exclusive Battery Saver is designed to keep thing simple. Install, set and forget. Exclusive Battery Saver is automatic. There's no need to tap a button in order to save your battery, just install, add your schedules and let us do the rest. We monitor your battery life, so you don't have to. We'll eliminate unwanted processes, and battery-draining apps that run in the background you may not be aware of, and aren't even using. Based on your personal usage, our advanced algorithms will generate custom profiles to ultimately save you more battery, with no effort on your behalf. Exclusive Battery Saver is there for you, when your charger isn't. In 2014, the app store is filled with battery hogging apps you are likely unaware of. Furthermore there are device-specific settings that are often overlooked that only shorten your battery life. Exclusive Apps set out to simplify your Battery Savings by being an all-in-one set and forget solution.Install us now and join other smart Android users who want to improve their battery life - without the hassle. Have questions for us? We'd love to hear from you.
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Operating System Android