Intuitive battery calibration process. Watts takes care of the scheduling of the battery calibration process. Once the calibration is needed (every few weeks, the time between calibrations can be configured by the user), Growl notifications will inform you about the next step to do. Watts strictly follows Apple battery calibration recommended process. At any time when the calibration is needed, go to the Calibration tab and check the status of the step: action to do, how long will it take, if the charger must be plugged or unplugged, and if MacBook can be used or not. When finished, Watts will also log the calibration date, and it will schedule the next one automatically. When the calibration is not needed, Watts does not show Growl notifications for the steps. You can do a calibration if desired, just follow the step shown in the Calibration tab. Integration in the menubar. Watts runs in the menubar. It provides the same basic information as Mac OS X battery status icon, plus more useful and advanced information. Keep all your battery information at hand. Battery information. Check your battery charge and your battery capacity. Log your batery capacity at any moment, to keep a history record. You can also see if the status of your battery is according Apple lifespan guarantee. Enable useful Growl battery notifications. You can enable Growl notifications for several battery related events. For example, when the power cord is plugged or unplugged. Another useful notification that will keep your battery in perfect shape: when you have worked for more than 36 hours (configurable value) with the charger connected, Watts will remind you to unplug it and work with battery power. Batteries like to have the electrons moving around.
Price USD 6.95
License Free to try
File Size 3.29 MB
Version 2.0.6
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.11, macOSX (deprecated)
System Requirements None