Twinkey is a freeware program that has been written to aid the entry of characters that do not normally appear on the keyboard, such as letters with diacritics. It does this by looking for a number of specific predefined key sequences, and then converting them. The sequence of key presses has to occur within a certain period of time, otherwise Twinkey ignores them. For example you can type 'a' followed by ""\"", and this can be changed into with diacritic. Twinkey also has Caps-lock alert functionality, as it is not possible to use Twinkey and Pascal Nicolas' CapsView program together. Therefore Twinkey gives an audible alert for the first 'n' keys punched when the Caps Lock is on. It is reset at every switch on or when the active application changes and receives a key hit.
License Free
File Size 26.57 kB
Version 1.2
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements EPOC, 5 Series