MyMuzzanadelTurgnano for Windows 10

The application acts as a new tool, designed to mobile technology, able to ensure effective communication, immediate and constant between the public administrator and the citizen. Not only communication, but also interaction of citizens and tourists. Through the tool cabinet citizens will benefit, at all times, and especially in any place, of useful information about the local administration of the city, the most active associations in the area, the businesses in the area and the most interesting cultural events. The citizen in addition to getting real-time information, will geolocalize its position in relation to the various points of interest of which is rich territory and calculate the fastest route to reach them; not only information and geolocation, but also specific content covering the point that has aroused the interest of the citizen or the tourist which will be discussed later in detail and (territorial marketing effectively). The three fundamental concepts upon which the App are: Concentration: all information is concentrated in a single device. Immediacy: the mobile device allows a constant and efficient propagation of the "news" of the City. Effectiveness: the ability to reach a large number of stakeholders. Council can reach through a new communication tool, technologically advanced, all categories: Citizens. Users of the services. Tourists. Participants and organizers of cultural events. Companies / Associations - Youth Information.
Operating System Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Windows 10
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 (x86)