ISP131001 Smart Sensor App

ISP131001 is an autonomous low-power device for wireless acceleration, temperature and barometer detection and transmission. Overall size of the device is 12. 5 x 25 x 3 mm. The host processor that handles the autonomous sensor application, the high level portion of the BLE protocol stack and communication with the sensors is a low power 32-bit MCU (ARM Cortex-M0 based), integrating 256 kB flash memory. The complete device makes use of Insight SiP ISP130301 BLE module together with low power 3-axis accelerometer and temperature / barometer sensors connected to a primary button cell battery CR2032. The Freescale FXOS8700CQ 3-axis linear accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer is used to detect acceleration and is combined with ST Micro LPS331AP temperature and barometer sensor.
Operating System Android