Hajj Maps is the best application in world that provides easy way to follow instructions for any Muslim intending to go to Mecca for the Hajj. By the help of it's unique feature map through Geographical Information System (GIS), this application makes the pilgrim comfortably locate the different places of the Hajj Journey such as Arafah, Mina, Muzdilfah, etc. which are pretty much difficult to get understanding through maps. Furthermore, it has been tried our best to provide sufficient information for different days of Hajj within this application in accordance with the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Download this application to learn about the various steps of Hajj. Features: These are the main features of Hajj maps: Day-Wise Guide8th, Thul-Hijjah - Day of At-Tarwiyah9th, Thul-Hijjah - Day of Arafat10th, Thul-Hijjah - The Eid Day11th, 12th & 13th, Thul-Hijjah - Days of At-Tashriq12th or 13th, Thul-Hijjah - Days of NafrAdditional InfoTypes of HajjMawaqeetsIhraamTawaafDuasLabaaykWhile Performing TawafUpon first seeing the Ka'bahWhen kissing the Black StoneBetween Safa and MarwaBetween Black Stone and Maqam IbrahimIn the first three circuitsIn the last four circuitAnd many More. Maps Supported by Geographical Information System (GIS).
Operating System Android