GlassCockpit 1000

Aircraft flight instruments and device sensors adapted for tablets and smart phones. It's an integrated primary flight display based on a G1000 glass cockpit. This flight deck includes: Attitude (Pitch and Roll) - Ground Speed- Altitude- Slip / Skid- Turn Angle- Magnetic / True Heading- Latitude and Longitude- Sound Level- Vertical Acceleration (G Force) - Atmospheric Pressure (Kollsman window). Light. Humidity. Battery Temperature- Battery Charge (and Low Batt alert) - Battery Volts and Amps- Battery Status and Health- Ambient temperature (OAT). Power cable source and status- Local Time and DateThe artificial horizon uses gyroscopes when available and is unaffected by trajectorial accelerations. Units of speed (knots, km/h, miles, m/s), altitude (feet, meters), temperature (. F, C) and pressure (hPa, InHg) are selectable by the user in the bottom menu. All gauges use a proportional integral filter to smooth movements. For best results the device should be placed vertically and aligned with the pitch axis. Attitude can be calibrated to correct small deviations of device support. The application adapts to any screen size and resolution. Note: Gauges marked with an asterisk (. ) are "device dependent" and may not all of them be available in all devices, in that case a red cross or lined values are shown. The speed shown is relative to the ground. The altitude is msl. Permissions: GPS is required to get the speed, altitude and heading. At low speeds (< 3m/s), the magnetic heading is shown even when GPS is selected. Sound recording for the sound level gauge.
Operating System Android