TicketHero Pay Parking Tickets

We are the quickest and easiest way to find and pay your NYC parking tickets and traffic tickets. If you park a car in NYC, chances are that you get at least 1 ticket per month thanks to "Alternate Side Parking" rules. Sometimes you accidentally skip a red light, a stop sign or maybe exceed the speed limit and you're gonna get a traffic ticket. Paying those parking and traffic tickets was a painful and complicated process. Until now. NYC Parking tickets is the best way to find and pay your Parking Tickets in a New York in less than a minute using PayPal, Apple Pay, or a credit card. With our app you can: Find Tickets - Just by using your License Plate #. Pay Tickets - Easily pay your parking ticket using PayPal, Apple Pay, or your Credit Card. Notifications - We'll notify you when there's a new parking ticket for your License Plate # that needs your attention.
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