Road Recorder PRO

Have you ever had problems proving the fender-bender wasn't your fault? Well, those times are over. Meet the RoadRecorder - the best car video camera for your cellphone. With this app you can record your route in HD with all necessary features, such as location, speed and date. If you want to use any other apps at the same time you can easily do background recording. And. when you have driven safely to your destination you can playback the recorded material and send your files to dropbox or email. RoadRecorder is the best alternative for 130$ worth mid-range car cameras. The best of all is our app is free and ready to download. You can download for free or purchase the pro edition from the Google Play market in three different languages. Give it a try today and join over 50 000 happy users. FanPage: to display recorded files (for Windows) : http://roadrecorder. eu/desktop/RoadRecorderPC. rar [BETA]Offical WebSite: http://roadrecorder. euFEATURES: sequential video recording of defined recording time- ability to register your GPS position, speed and date- recording even for the last 3 files per session- background recordings- deleting records from the application- playback recorded material with the localization on the map, - the widget to quickly start recording, - warnings about finishing space on the memory card and low battery. collision-free operation with each navigation- export coordinates to KML or GPX files- auto-deleting old files (very configurable) ADDITIONALLY IN PRO VERSION: no ads- full support for events (sending and receiving from apps like Tasker) - recording an infinite number of files in one session - the ability to set an infinite length of the file- selecting the target file names - the ability to send video file with coordinates (Dropbox, e-mail, etc. ) - save recording file during recording (it will not be overwritten) - take photos in the same time without limits- geotagging photos- more featuresIMPORTANT. Before downloading PRO version, please check FREE version. Whilst first run, application needs access to the internet, in order to check license. The application does not support CyanogenMod. If the recording in this mod does not work, it is the fault of the system, not the application. Remember to turn off task killer (if you have one) or add Road Recorder to the list of exceptions.
Operating System Android