MotoRyde is a platform where you will be able to enjoy bike rides at an affordable cost. MotoRyde app is unique with this kind of platform being offered for the first time. You can search for nearest ride or choose from your favorite drivers. Get Started: Download app and signup quick with email or Facebook. Searching Ride: Search for the nearest ride or select from a list of previous drivers and request a ride. The ride will remain available for any specific period of time. You will be picked up from the Pickup location selected. Cancel Ride: Cancel the ride at anytime before its accepted. Chat & Call: Call drivers or stay in touch with them at anytime with a built-in interactive chat feature. Payments: Safe and convenient. Make payments via the app once the ride has been completed with pre-stored/pre-authenticated credit card. Reviews: Share reviews for the driver once the ride is completed. Only drivers with background checks and high ratings are permitted to provide services on the platform. Ride History: View the complete ride history within app.
Operating System Android