QuickTrack Chicago - CTA Metra

QuickTrack Chicago is an all-in-one Chicago transit app that connects you directly to the CTA Bus Tracker, CTA Train Tracker, Metra, Pace Bus Tracker and Divvy systems to provide you the latest routes, stops, stations, service alerts/bulletins and arrival times. Perfect for those who live in Chicago and use the CTA every day or for those who commute using Metra or Pace, either every day for work or a fun weekend. QUICKTRACK CHICAGO FEATURES- Full integration with CTA Bus Tracker, CTA Train Tracker, Metra, Pace Bus Tracker and Divvy systems all in one app. Data is always dynamic and updated from CTA, Metra and Pace to ensure accurate routes and schedules every time you use it. Free, no ads, no premium/pay only enabled features. Clear, fast and beautiful material inspired UI with dynamically changing images of Chicago. Google Maps integration throughout keeps you informed of your CTA bus/train, Metra station locations or Pace stops. View CTA Bus & Train, Metra and Pace Passenger Notice service bulletins/alerts for each route or line. METRA SUPPORTQuickTrack Chicago also allows you to search and find the latest Metra departure and arrival times by pulling data from the Metra system. Using QuickTrack Chicago, you will know if your morning train is running late or when your evening train should be getting you home while being notified of any service alerts on your selected line. Additional features include: Supports all Metra lines: BNSF, UP-W, MD-W, MD-N, NCS, UP-N, UP-NW, HC, RI, SWS and ME- Access your favorite Metra stations to get estimated departure/arrival times and/or schedules for the day. Track actual Metra train positions as they move down to or from Chicago. Get notified of alerts on your line from Metra's Twitter feeds. Built-in Google Maps integration showing Metra lines and station locations. Pull down remote Metra schedule updates without requiring an app update. PACE BUS TRACKER SUPPORTQuickTrack Chicago is also linked up to the Pace Bus Tracker system. From the suburbs, to Metra, to the CTA, QuickTrack Chicago has you covered. All routes supported on Pace Bus Tracker are supported. Access your favorite Pace stations to get estimated departure times and/or schedules for the day. Interfaced with the Pace Passenger Notices page to give you the latest alerts/notices available from Pace. Google Maps integration to show you Pace bus locations, routes and stops. WHY QUICKTRACK CHICAGO? QuickTrack Chicago is the only app that has CTA Bus Tracker, CTA Train Tracker, Metra, Pace Bus Tracker and Divvy all presented with a material inspired UI. My goal is to provide a free, simple, ad free, premium feature lock free experience to let you quickly check your favorite CTA/Pace bus or morning Metra station without digging through tabs, windows and UI's loaded up with data. Open it up, you're presented with beautiful images of Chicago while you select your favorite route or station and instantly see where it is and when it's expected. No excessive permissions required to use this app. External storage access to save PDF's from CTA and Pace schedules and network access to contact the various transit services. This app is designed and used by a near daily Metra and CTA commuter. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, comments or issues. I love feedback and more often than not will implement your suggestions. Regardless, I will respond within a few hours. Find me on Twitter or Facebook. If you think my time and effort was worth it, please rate my app. Thanks.
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