Incar texting

Incar texting app allows safe reading of text messages while driving. You wont be distracted by incoming texts on the road. Each message will show up large on top of all running apps on your smartphone. No settings required, just launch and drive.Avoid distracted driving - that is the purpose. Incar texting helps not to miss important messages while driving a car and prevent distraction caused by commercial texts.Incar texting pops up on top of any other active app (e.g. maps, navigation or music player) on the screen of your phone. Message will be shown in large for a few seconds to give you a glimpse of the contents and then will disappear not to distract you from driving and not to block the running app (especially if you rely on navigation directions). Then you can decide if the message is urgent or not. In case of receiving a spam you wont pay any second of your attention to it and continue to drive safely.Safe driving is always the priority on the road. There is no any message as important as your life, so you must keep your hands on the steering wheel and be responsible driver. 2 to 5 seconds required to pay attention to new incoming message using standard Android message app, and even more time to open and read it. You should know that this period of seconds is enough to miss something on the road or to prevent any accidents. It is not worth it, please drive safely.Penalties for using your phone while driving are another reason to use special tools like Incar texting app for safe message reading on the road.To take all benefits of safe driving we recommend using Incar texting app along with special phone holder compatible with your smartphone and plugging it to a charger.Use Incar texting app now to make your next drive safer for everybody. Thank you!Content rating: Everyone
File Size724.32 kB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.


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