aCoDriver 3

Turn your smart phone into a driving assistance system worth thousands! A co-driver that never sleeps! The App:* detects and monitors speed limits based on the built-in camera and known locations* observes the distance to the traffic in front (distance control)* warns you if the car tends to cross a closed lane road mark (lane assistant).Opposite to radar detecting apps this app is 100% legal in all countries. Do not risk your valuable phone being seized by the police anymore!.Specifically designed to distract the driver as little as possible.By default the app is time limited, but it allows *up to* 2 hours usage per day.The app requires the mobile phone to be attached to front shield or dashboard. A good holder and alignment are essential for a good detection rate. See for a list of recommended accessories that give you optimal results.This app was designed to detect signs in EUROPE ONLY, but was not tested in all countries in the EU. Also the detection rate depends a lot on your individual hardware.So please ALWAYS try the free edition before buying the other editions!Known limitations:* Please be aware that visual recognition will never be 100% correct, and that the displayed speed limit might not be correct for the current situation.* Most cameras used in current mobile phone have limited detection rate at night time or low light. Speed limits will still be displayed based on their known locations.In the current version the detection of signs makes the following declaration: "The last speed limit I saw is ...." Security advice!* Never adjust the position of the mobile or the holder while driving!* Never drive while looking through the display of your mobile!* The displayed speed limit can be wrong or not appropriate to the situation.Minimum Hardware Requirements:* Android 2.3.3 or better* Backside camera with 640x480 preview resolution* ~ 40 MB disk storage* Single Core CPU 1Ghz* GPSRecommended:* Dual Core CPU or better* Backside camera with HD preview resolution (1280x720)* GPS with GLONASS supportRecent changes:Cancellation signs are now detected.In this new version we merged the three editions into a single product. It offers much more time for testing.Content rating: Low Maturity
Price CAD0
License Free
File Size 9.86 MB
Version 3.0.13
Operating System Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7 Android
System Requirements Compatible with 2.3.3 and above.