Automotive CVT Transmissions

This book, Automotive Continuously Variable Transmission Systems CVT of which there's also a companion DVD by the same title, was a long time in the making. Various transmissions were purchased with the specific task of disassembling then to gather the needed resources (photos, diagrams, etc) to develop this CVT series. The information seen here is found nowhere else. You can purchase a specific CVT service manual, which will guide you during the repair, but wont tell you how a CVT works. Here, you can get the needed procedures and operating information to guide you during repairs in the field. This book and its companion DVD video forms a unique training resource, which you can use to gain a complete CVT understanding. Who can benefit from this manual? If youre an automotive technician, DIY-mechanic or just interested in learning about this technology as a whole, then this book is for you. Also, if youre simply a consumer that would like to give this technology a try, read on and get an insight on how and why the CVT works and came about. Enjoy Table of Contents * CVT Transmission Basic Operation * CVT Hydraulic Control * CVT Belt to Pulley Clamping * CVT Transmission Stepper Motor * CVT Computer Control * CVT Speed Sensors * CVT Transmission Fluid Type * CVT Water to Oil Cooler * CVT Hydraulic Oil Pump * CVT Pressure Tests * CVT Pressures * CVT Valve Body * CVT PWM Solenoids * CVT Transmission Reverse Clutch * CVT Transmission Forward Clutch * CVT Tuning and Performance * CVT Paddle Shifting vs. Formula 1 PDK (Doppelkupplung)Content rating: Everyone
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