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Search, compare and review over 18,000 UK and Irish holiday lets and hotels too!Want to find a cottage, hotel, campsite or attraction near to where you are? Or anywhere else? With Go2's Hotel & Cottage Finder you can search, compare and review thousands of hotels worldwide and more than 18,000 UK and Irish cottages and holiday lets from both top providers, and independent owners, and if you're not sure where to visit next, why not browse our travel guides, packed with useful information about accommodation, things to do, places to see, transport and so on... or if you've already been there, why not leave a review?And it's not just hotels and cottages - with our Quick Search page you can also search for campsites and days out in the area of your choice, as well as restaurants, airports, garages and more!Go2... it's the easy way to find a holiday. :-)v1.3 - Along with an improved iOS user interface, our new upgrade makes use of your phone's GPS location as the default search location to make finding a cottage, hotel, campsite or nearby attraction even faster! Simply run the app, click Search, and the nearest town or city in our database to your current location will be automatically selected as the default search location. Want to find a cottage, hotel, campsite, restaurant or attraction near to where you are? Just click Search!
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