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Product information Why should you tip? Many of you have asked, answered and debated on this topic. It is widely believed that T.I.P.S stands for Tipping Insures Promt/Proper Service. Tipping is most used and famous in the food and drinks world but did you know tipping someone shows you care in many other areas of work as well - People who take you from one place to another, like Taxi drivers, ferry boat drivers etc; people who makes you pretty, like the manicurist, pedicurist, hair stylist etc; people who do your chores, like dog groomers, dog walkers, maids etc and people who help you arrange an event or a wedding, like the florist, delivery people, catering managers, disc jockey etc. Your tip goes a long way; it is not just the one person you see it goes to a whole line of people behind the scenes, like the busboys/ girls, bar managers, chefs and hosts. 'CheckTipCalc' app makes it easier to calculate Tips when you are out for a nice quiet dinner with your family, or on a Dutch style party with friends and need to split the bill and tips. You can quickly do the math on how much to pay the chauffeur, guide, waiter or the game dealer. With a sliding scale for tip percentage calculations and number of people splitting the bill, all your calculations can be done in a jiffy!! You dont need post-its to scribble or the back of the receipt to do the math, just download the CheckTipCalc to your iPhone and you are all set!! About Us Sulaba Inc specializes in mobile application development; database and project management for various industries with intergration to ERP systems. Moreover, Sulaba Inc strives to simplify and organize day-to-day activities for all age groups with special emphasis for physically challenged individuals. Visit us at www.sulaba.com or contact us at support@sulaba.com for more information. Languages: English Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch 3.0 and above
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Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPod Touch, iPhone. iTunes account required.