200+ Wine Grapes

THE #1 WINE GRAPES APPThe 200+ Wine Grapes app is a dictionary of wine grape varieties. Your easy-to-use source of knowledge in the jungle of wine grapes. Available in your smartphone or tablet when you need it.More than 200 wine grape varieties are covered in the app. For a listing of which ones are included, refer to our web page.Cot, Chiavannesca, Nielluccio, Schwarze Riesling Depending on where you are or where the wine you are drinking has been produced, the grape may be called something youve never heard of. The 200+ Wine Grapes app covers more than 8.500 synonyms from all over the world in order to help you to find out which one.In 48 countries: The 200+ Wine Grapes app reports from the world-wide statistics covering forty-eight wine growing countries. A listing of the countries is available on our web page.For each grape variety, you will findCharacteristicsWhat is typical for a certain wine grape? High or low on acidity? High or low on tannins? Which aromas and flavours can I expect?Types of wineDry, sweet, or sparkling? White or red? The 200+ Wine Grapes app will tell about the types of wine that commonly is produced with each grape, and if there are regions or areas that could be of special interest.Food pairingWhat should I pair with a Pinot Noir? Or a Chardonnay? Apart from suggestions for food pairing, the 200+ Wine Grapes app will also help you by suggesting best serving temperatures.Where is it grown?In which countries and regions will you find a certain grape variety?HistoryA grape varietys origin often says something about where it today has its heartland. Several grapes reported are of more than 500 years of age, while others are much younger.Wine VocabularyAppassimento, Cork Taint, Malolactic Fermentation, Vin de Paille, etc. There are many wine terms that can seem puzzling. The 200+ Wine Grapes app includes a vocabulary of wine terms to be at your service when you need it.The content of the 200+ Wine Grapes app is continuously updated as our research continues. Follow our Blog for the latest updates. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.The App includes Free Lifetime Updates. All this at the cost of 50% of one issue of a wine magazine
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