Gourmia Sous Vide

APP - USER MANUALTo See/Download the app's user manual, please copy and paste the following link to your address bar:http://www.gourmia.com/pdf/Sous-Vide-App-Insructions.pdf____________________________________________________________________The art of sous vide cooking is truly an art! It is simple in nature, yet thiscooking method is often used by gourmet chefs to prepare the most complex,rich entres and vegetables. Because the foods are cooked at low temperatures forlonger times, the texture and flavors are authentically and naturally good-for-youand flavorful. Beef, poultry, fish and pork are fork-tender when done, with rich andinviting textures. Vegetables retain all their nutrients when cooked sous vide, somany of the natural sugars are retained, offering delightfully sweet and nutritiousside dishes. In fact, everything about sous vide says, naturally good-for you!Hints & Tips for Sous Vide Cooking* The thickness of meat, poultry and fish will determine the length of cookingtime. Use an instant-read thermometer after removing from the cooking bag toguarantee that a safe-food temperature is indicated.* Food safety in handling and cooking is always a priority. When unsure ofdoneness, add 30 minutes to the cook time to pasteurize eggs and/or poultry.* Searing after cooking gives foods a crispy texture and an appealing visualpicture. When meat is done, toss butter into a smoking-hot skillet and quicklysear the cooked meat for 30 seconds on each side. This gives the meat a caramelcolor and an appetizing outer appearance.* Some tough cuts of beef and pork can be cooked sous vide to tenderperfection in 4 to 24 hours. Sear quickly when done and serve with rootvegetables.* Vegetables will cook faster if they are thinly sliced or cut in small pieces; or ifleft whole, they will take more time to become tender. Either way, the naturalsweetness and full nutrient value adds to the delight in sous vide vegetables.* Fruit can be cooked sous vide to make toppings, purees, syrups and such. Cookfor 2-2 hours at 160F and let cool in the bag before using.* To prep meat, poultry and fish before cooking, add seasonings or rubs beforebagging. Vacuum seal or use the Water Displacement Method to remove thewater from the bag before cooking (see following).* To avoid the cooked protein that surfaces in sous vide chicken and fish, calledalbumin, brine the chicken or fish for one hour in lightly salted water, drain andpat dry.* ALWAYS use a BPA-free vacuum-sealed bag when cooking foods more than 8hours.* Use a vacuum-sealed bag or use the Water Displacement Method for foodscooked fewer than 8 hours.
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Version 1.0.5
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up