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This Healthy Smoothie Recipe app is ideal for people who want to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in their diet for optimal health. By drinking a glass or two a day can ensure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Smoothie recipes here are also good for people who want to lose weight because they are rich in dietary fiber.Smoothies make a fantastic refreshment and they are nice to have for breakfast and snack. They are also very easy to make, you only need a healthy liquid base such as milk, yogurt, fruit juice, freshly brewed tea, or water then add fruits or vegetables, and some seeds or nuts if desired.To make your own smoothie at home, all you need is a dependable blender to mix all the ingredients together and create a smooth and refreshing drink. You are free to mix and match different ingredients as per your taste and health requirement. For some people that are lactose intolerant, they can use soy-based milk or yogurt, almond milk, rice milk, and coconut milk.If you have kids, they will surely be glad to help you making them. Because preparing smoothies can be enjoyable and educational too. You can teach them different kinds of fruits and vegetables as well as the health benefits that each one has. So they will learn to appreciate them more. The process is very easy, simply put everything in your blender and process. Then youll have a revitalizing drink in just less than 5 minutes!Feel free to browse on all the Smoothie Recipes on this app and for sure you can whip something that will suit your taste and nutritional requirement.It is very easy to navigate this Healthy Smoothie Recipes app. You can choose from the two categories Fruit and Vegetable. Then, each recipe has a corresponding photo and all you have to do is to tap on it to show your desired smoothie recipe.You will also be guided in terms of Nutrition because all of the Smoothie Recipes here provide users with a calorie count as well as the amount of Fat, Carbohydrates, Protein as well as Sodium for each serving to aid you in keeping track with your diet.Another cool feature of this Healthy Smoothie Recipes app is that you can select the ingredients that you need to buy from your local store and it will be automatically added in the Shopping List section.Lastly, you can enjoy these healthy smoothie recipes anytime because once installed on your Android device, there is no more internet connection neeeded to access your favorite recipes.DOWNLOAD this amazing app NOW and start enjoying the recipes here!Featured recipes in this app:HEALTHY FRUIT SMOOTHIESMango Bravo SmoothiePineapple Kiwi and Almond SmoothieLuscious Almond Cherry SmoothieBanana Kiwi Tropical SmoothieAvocado Lychee and Almond SmoothieHEALTHY VEGETABLE SMOOTHIESSoy Carrot and Orange SmoothieSpinach Cucumber and Pineapple SmoothieParsley Cucumber and Apple SmoothieHerbed Cucumber Radish and Yogurt SmoothieRhubarb Celery and Raspberry SmoothieHEALTHY SMOOTHIES FOR BREAKFASTSpiced Blueberry Yogurt SmoothieStrawberry Almond Smoothie with ChiaCelery Avocado and Apple SmoothiieBerry Granola and Soy SmoothieCinnamon Spiced Banana Apple SmoothieHEALTHY SMOOTHIES FOR SNACKDragonfruit Coconut and Chia SmoothieMango Papaya and Kombucha SmoothiePeach Berry and Almond SmoothieTomato Strawberry and Lime SmoothieWheatgrass Pineapple and Kiwi Smoothie
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