Cranberry Recipe

Cranberries are delicious on their own, but they are even better in these incredible recipes. Cranberries are not always on most people's list when it comes to antioxidant-rich, health-supportive berries. When thinking about antioxidant support, berries like blackberries, raspberries, or strawberries are more likely to come to mind. But as soon as you start to think about the shape and size of cranberries, it is not difficult to recognize their similarities with berries like blueberries, and to understand why these berries are so renowned for their antioxidant richness. Recent studies have identified over two dozen antioxidant phytonutrients in cranberries. In addition, these studies have shown the ability of cranberry phytonutrients to raise the overall antioxidant capacity in our bloodstream and to help reduce risk of oxidative stress. For these reasons and others, cranberries deserve full recognition as a health-supportive fruit that can bring health benefits to a meal plan.Health Benefits:While cranberries have gotten less attention than other family members in the Ericaceaeplant family (for example, blueberries), they more than earn their credentials as phytonutrient-rich foods. Over two dozen health-supportive phytonutrients have been identified in cranberries, with proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins leading the way. These two groups of phytonutrients are interrelated. Proanthocyanidins are larger molecules from which anthocyanins can be made. But they also have health-supportive properties of their own. It is not uncommon to find 150350 milligrams of proanthocyanidins per fresh cup of cranberries and 15170 milligrams of anthocyanins. The presence of these phytonutrient groups in cranberries makes itself known to our senses, because both groups help to provide cranberries with their vibrant red color.The list below summarizes some of the spotlight phytonutrients provided to us by cranberries. Most of the phytonutrients below have been shown to have antioxidant and/or anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to other health benefits.AnthocyaninscyanidinsdelphinidinsmalvidinspelargonidinspeonidinspetunidinsFlavan-3-olscatechinsepicatechinsFlavonolsisorhamnetinkaempferolmyricetinquercetinHydroxybenzoic acidso-hydroxybenzoic acidp-hydroxybenzoic acidHydroxycinnamic acidscaffeic acidcoumaric acidferulic acidsinapic acidProanthocyanidinsprocyanidinspropelargonidinsprodelphinidinsStilbenoidsresveratrolTanninsellagitanninsTerpenoidsursolic acidhydroxycinnamoyl ursolic acid
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