Paleo Diet for Beginners

The paleo diet is not just another trendy diet, it's a lifestyle! Eat like our ancestors to finally, feel healthy, boost your energy and lose weight!Inside, find the essentials of following a paleo diet lifestyle and much more including:-What the paleo diet is all about-What are the health benefits-What foods you can enjoy daily, in moderation and to avoid completely-Trick and tips to make paleo cooking easy-21-day eating plan that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus snacks and desserts!-Over 105 paleo recipes to choose fromWhat really make this app unique is the 105 creative and unique Paleo and Gluten-free recipes that are not only easy to make but that you can whip up quickly.Made with fresh and easy to find ingredients, you will be able to prepare impressive meals in no time, like:- The caveman breakfast hash, the glorious morning smoothie or the primal blueberry waffles for nutritious breakfast selections.- Super easy to make snacks options like fresh berry cereal, pumpkin pie spice sweet potato or spicy cauliflower.- Lunch will be a breeze with recipes like the macadamia hummus, the paleo prawns with tomato sauce or the sauteed coconut chicken.- Mouth-watering dinner recipes like the stuffed sea bass, the primal chicken fajitas or herb crusted pork tenderloin.- A sweet finishing touch with recipes like ginger brownies, sweet and salty chocolate barks or the honey coated walnuts and peaches.
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