Dessert Recipes

Dessert Recipes is an application from KROKKI which provides plenty of handpicked recipes for dessert, such as chocolate recipes which are part of tasty deserts, as well as tiramisu cookies, and lots of other known variations of dessert recipes. Each and every recipe is handpicked by a professional; rest assured that anything from our quick Desert Recipes you pick can't go wrong at all. Leave your worries behind, because all of them are filled with detailed instructions, as well as ingredients, preparation times and serves.Here you can find cupcakes, cheesecake recipes, bananas dessert recipes, chocolate dessert recipes, puddings, sweet rolls and many other sweet dessert recipes that you can think of.The best of all is that once you download our Dessert Recipes cookbook, you don't need an active internet connection anymore, because all of these tasty sweet recipes are stored internally within the app. Most of our recipes apps arent bigger than 20mb in size.You can check out more of our popular recipes apps such as bread recipes, no bake cake recipes, desserts, salads, lunch recipes, dinner recipes, and so on. All of them will be a true pleasure for you and your nearest ones, as well as guests.
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