Paleo Diet Recipes or caveman diet brings to you an offline collection of 300+ healthy and tasty recipes. Enjoy the nutritious foods like vegetables, organic meat, nuts, and natural oils along with benefits of increased energy, weight loss and better health. The app promotes recipes made out of nourishing food ingredients and promotes maximum avoidance of processed foods.Learn the health benefits of Paleo Diet and also understand your paleo plate like what to eat and what to avoid.Explore the step by step simple instructions to cook nutritious recipes in correct pan and also know the servings.To discover the clean and healthy eating Download Now!Categories under Paleo Diet Recipes are:-*Taste Bud- Spicy, Sweet, Sour, Tangy and more.*Courses- Appetizer/Starter, Soup, Entree, Dessert and more.*Cooking Type- Boil, Bake, Roast and more.Application Features:-*NUTRITIONAL value of all recipes and all ingredients.*Cook "Hands-Free" by just listening to the ChefChili's instructions.*TurboSearch - Search by Type of diet, Taste buds, course, eating time and much more.*EduBank - Bookmark your favourite recipes.*TIPS - Food, Beauty, Wellness and Household Remedies.*LOOKUP By recipes or ingredients you want to cook with.*MENU PLANNER - To plan your meals.*FILTER -To ignore what you don't want to come in search.*CONTRIBUTE - Any Paleo Diet Recipe you have cooked with its image and showcase your skills to the user community.We make SMARTY apps, "Simple Masterly Approach to Refine Thinking" for YOU.Connect with us on:-Facebook-
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