ForagersWeb is a trading platform designed by Foragers to make it easy for Providers/ Foragers and Consumers/ Chefs to connect. The App allows you to easily identify buyers and sellers of wild edibles in your area.The App includes the following features to streamline exchange of wild edibles:- Consumer and Provider geo-location - at a glance see buyers and sellers in your area (when you register to use the App. you are assigned a geographic area based on the address you provide; the App. does not track or reveal your foraging spots)- A standardized classification of wild edibles - to simplify search - Pictures of wild edibles - enabling buyers and sellers to make more informed decisions- Integrated messaging functionality - to provide a common communication mechanism for buyers and sellers- Integrated messaging functionality - to verify quantity, quality and pricing to create a permanent record and prevent misunderstandings- Built-in delivery options (location, day, time) - to make it easy to set-up exchangeAs farm-to-table has become an unwavering belief and practice for Consumers / Consumers/ Chefs, Providers/ ForagersWeb seeks to make forest-to-table feasible practice for all.
Operating System Android