Chinese Mythology

Guide with major myths, gods and emperors of Chinese MythologyChinese mythology is the set of stories, legends and rituals passed down from generation to generation orally or in writing. There are several themes in Chinese mythology, including myths surrounding the foundation of Chinese culture and the Chinese state. As in many mythologies, it is believed that it is a form of commemoration of past events.Historians assume that the Chinese mythology begins around 1100 BC The myths and legends have been passed down orally for about a thousand years before being written in the early books like Shui Jing Zhu and Shan Hai Jing. Other myths continued to be passed through oral traditions such as theater and song, before being written in books as in Fengshen Yanyi.WHAT YOU GET : The Begining of Chinese Myth The Presiding Deities (Sun Wu Kong, Guan Yin, Guan Yu, etc) The Deties The Eight Immortals The Pure OnesFEATURE IN APP : Favorite content that you like Install Google Translate and easily hold tab in content and translate content to your language Last Read feature Easily search content that you want to read
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