Plate Rater

Never order the wrong food again! Plate Rater is the first food app truly designed for foodies. Plate Rater is bringing the focus back to FOOD. The app utilizes specific criteria to insure that every plate rated is done credibly and with integrity. No longer will you have to wonder where you can find the best serving of your favorite dish or ask the waiter what their most popular item on the menu is. Plate Rater will tell you. Each rating requires the user to check in, snap a photo of the dish and rate the plate. The ratings focus on criteria JUST about the food. Slide 1:Search Hot and Trending in your area or areas you're traveling to. Save your favorite plates, connect with friends and roll the dice with food adventure.Slide 2:Browse Hot & Trending Plates in List view to see which plates are rating best and preview dishes.Slide 3:Search the Map for specific dishes. No longer do you have to search a restaurant out and find out what you want to eat, search what you want to eat and we'll tell you the restaurant. Slide 4: Plate Detail allows you to see specifics on the rating and overall quality of the dish in relations to specific areas. Slide 5: Stay connected with your friends and foodies. See what plates they've rated, highest and lowest, and even connect on Plate Dates.Slide 6: Work to become the Ultimate Foodie. Build your plate rater profile and be rewarded with Plate Rate dollars and other fabulous food incentives.
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