Our name is FABNU; FABNU is an acronym for Find A Bar Near U and Food and Beverages Near U. We are an ever-growing, expanding community of users and bar / restaurant owners or managers. We have plans of expanding our services internationally & offering our site & app in several predominant languages for those using our service to help plan a night out. Our services will be used to bring people together for the best possible night out. We also hope to help increase profitability for the owners / managers / bartenders / etc. by expanding their advertising avenues and by directing our users to the establishments that will satisfy their cravings! Our community will be similar in function to social networking sites and search engines that many are already comfortable and familiar with. We are dedicated to helping provide better experiences that the user will have when meeting up with friends/college pals/coworkers/etc. for food, games or to have a good time (wink wink)! Our aim is to help the patron with making plans for a day or night out an easier and less stressful event.We vow to not only help patrons find a bar, restaurant, or nightclub that they can enjoy, but to also give them a way to find ONLY those establishments that are offering what they're looking for. Whether they are looking for a certain brew on tap or in the bottle, games to play, live music or even for a particular kind of liquor, FABNU can become their own personal concierge. Patrons can choose from a wide array of options to show them where to go locally so that they have the best time possible while consuming the beverages they have the taste for and enjoying the amenities provided by the establishment.FABNU will give the patron the means to rate services, amenities, staff, etc. so that other users within the community will have another method of deciding what establishments to visit. There's nothing worse than hearing a local pub that has darts (if that's what they're into) and going there to find a single, worn out, old round piece of painted cork they used to call a dartboard. We would like patrons to know that the establishment they've chosen has high marks for the amenities they are interested in. If an establishment's FABNU page says they have pool and it shows they have a lot of likes in that category, then the patrons will know that the location potentially has well lit maintained table for their enjoyment. We encourage the bar/restaurant/nightclub owners or managers to log on at least once a month to update their information in an effort to keep the inventory as accurate as possible.We look forward to honing our craft and polishing our processes to help give our patrons and our business population a better experience. We want their constant feedback so we can continuously improve our services. FABNU would like to give all the members of our community as many opportunities as possible. For entertainers, we would like to give them a way to advertise their local events to the local crowd that's looking for them or their genre of entertainment. For bars/restaurants/nightclubs, we would like to give them a way to promote live events (PPV, etc.) they are showing as well as the number of TV's they provide and any specials at their establishment. Whether they're hosting a great time, or simply looking for a great time, FABNU hopes to become a part of making it happen!!
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