PintHub - Find Local Craft Beer and Breweries App

PintHub is the first subscription-based mobile platform and craft beer app that provides its members with a free craft beer everyday at participating bars, breweries, and restaurants. Get your first beer on the house! Every. Single. Day.For $9.99/month, PintHub members can use the app to explore all the great participating venues in their city and request their daily free beer. A PintHub membership provides you with access to one complimentary craft beer per day at any of our participating local bars, restaurants, or craft beer breweries.But PintHub is more than just free beer. PintHub is a great way to discover the local craft beer scene in your city. Stop debating where to go out tonight and find the best craft beers at the best venues with your PintHub membership.In addition to discovering new venues, you can use your PintHub membership to find and taste new craft beers, whether you are a craft beer enthusiast or a newcomer. Learn about the different styles of craft beer and read more about each beer's distinct flavor simply by clicking on each beer's info icon. You can also keep track of all the great craft beers you've tried.Features and Membership Benefits:- Search by beer or by venue to see where you can find your favorite craft beers for free- Use the app to request your daily free beer from your bartender- Learn more about each beer by clicking on its info icon- Filter by beer style to narrow down where you can find that great IPA or lager- Track all the great brews that you have tried- Rate and review beers and venues- Access to member appreciation eventsDownload the app and purchase a PintHub membership to start enjoying and discovering free craft beer everyday!Participating PintHub venues are located only in Dallas/Ft. Worth at this time, but we are expanding quickly to other great beer cities in America.This app is for those 21 years of age and older. PintHub reminds you to please drink responsibly.
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