1. Scan - Scan barcodes or QR codes to automatically add items to your fridge.2. Sync - Family members can have a common account to have same data on their respective devices.3. Track - Receive daily notifications about the items going to expire on the present day.4. Eat - Delete eaten items with 1 click via push notifications.5. Forgot shopping list? Open FridgeBox and look at all the items in your fridge at a glance.Started as a project/app to help family/friends to keep track of what is there in the fridge. Each item is stored along with its expiry date. App notifies user via push notifications about the items which are going to expire soon. FridgeBox can also be used while buying grocery by seeing the items that are already in the fridge. Frequently, we used to forget about the items that were pushed back in the fridge.
Operating System Android