ForkOut is the best way to make plans with your friends. Our app simplifies the experience of going out to eat or drinks. Instead of needing five different apps to choose, coordinate, and message, you'll only need ForkOut. Features:- Selecting Restaurants - ForkOut's integration with Yelp shows you the nearest, and best restaurants. Our app also highlights new and interesting places nearby, to promote discovery.- Real-Time Voting - Your friends can vote on their preferences easily, which removes the complicated hassle of wrangling different opinions.- Messaging With Friends - Every plan gets its own group message, neatly organizing coordination in one place.- Integrated Transport - Traveling to your destination is a snap with effortless access to ridesharing platforms. ForkOut provides convenient comparisons between all methods of transport, so you can pick the best one. - Easy Location Sharing - It's simple to let your friends know where you are, and to see when they're nearby. Our secure platform protects your privacy while making coordination easy.
Operating System Android